Why do you only shoot in the evening?

Based on my specific style of photography and editing, the evening light is best suited for my sessions. This is how I achieve my desired look with my photos. Lighting can dramatically affect a session, and I like to be as consistent as possible.

Why do you only shoot in Omaha NE and rural NE?

After living many years in both Harrison County, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska I have many clients in both places that I love. Now as I've got married, and my husbands career has changed, we are currently living our best life about 2 hours away from the Omaha metro in rural NE. However, I could NEVER stop capturing my clients moments and milestones, so I travel to back to Omaha on specific weekends and openings to continue to do what I love. This is a great place for my Harrison County Iowa clients, as it is not too far from their own stomping grounds as well.

Why don't you give out all of the RAW/unedited images from the shoot?

Photography is my art form, one that I take a lot of time editing and adding many creative elements too. I love being able to create something really special for my clients. The RAW, unedited images captured by the camera do not reflect my artwork. I like to think of it like a painter and a canvas, the RAW's are the canvas and the edits are my art.

Can I pick what photos are edited?

As a photographer, I am confident that by meeting you and interacting during your session, I am able to pick your most authentic, genuine photos. I choose the photos to be edited based on clarity, lighting, and the best overall turnout.

What do you shoot with and how do you edit?

I have a Canon 5D Mark IV and a variety of different lenses! I edit with Adobe Lightroom, adding a custom preset that I created that is only used by myself. I detail edit each photo with lighting adjustments, blemish fixes, and the addition of creative elements.

Who picks the shooting location?

I have a variety of different locations around Omaha, Nebraska that I shoot at that. I work with you to ensure which location fits your style best. But, if there is a certain place within the area that you would specially like for your session, I would be happy to discuss that as an option!

Will you help me with clothing?

Of course! I am here for you. I can suggest color coordinating ideas, places to shop and even send along selections that I think would look great!

Where should I print my photos?

When it comes to getting great quality and a great price, my go-to printing place is mpix.com! Here you will find a variety of different options, add ons and quick delivery.

I'd like to purchase a session for another person. Can I do that?

You can! A photography session is a wonderful gift. You can purchase a gift card that is good for a year for any package that I offer.

I need my photos ASAP, is that possible?

It is! Make sure to ask about 'Express Delivery' when booking your package.

Do you supply props?

I have a selection of props for children's seating, and blankets for families. Outside of those selections, I do not supply any themed props. You are welcome to bring anything to your session, and if you have a theme you'd like, we can discuss how to make that happen!

Can I bring my dog?

Please do! I would love to take pictures of you with your furry friends!

If I want to change something about my finished delivered album, can I?

Yes! If there is a photo you would like to see in black and white, or in color, or have some other similar adjustments, I can totally do that! Please request them within the FIRST WEEK of delivery though. I only keep my galleries in my editing software for a short period of time to accommodate my other sessions. Keep in mind, sometimes I have taken creative liberty on photos that lighting only works in black and white. If it does not work in color, matching my editing quality, then it will not be available in color.

NOTE: If you are asking for a complete editing change to an entire gallery, because you wanted a different 'style' I cannot offer that service. I have a style that I stick very close to, it is my brand. I just ask that you only book my services if you like my unique style, there are lots of photographers with a lot of different styles.